4D Farms - Multimedia Education

We have a particular focus on production animal management and transport. Research interests include welfare aspects of flexible feeding systems of dairy cows.

Use of multimedia, augmented and virtual reality to improve teaching and learning in veterinary and agricultural science.

Project Summary

Veterinary and agricultural education and teaching conveys a number of difficult concepts.  In many cases the optimal way of presenting this information may be in the field to demonstrate practical concepts.  At times this can be difficult or dangerous to do until a student has a moderate level of understanding.  The utilisation of 360 degree images or video that can be incorporated into virtual or augmented reality can allow a more rapid understanding of material and increase the benefit of on-site visits.  It also allows for learning after on-site visits as well as assessment.  This material has been used within the OLT funded “Development of 4D virtual farms”.

Research Leader

Dr Stuart Barber 
Senior Lecturer in Intensive Animal Management and Welfare
E: srbarber@unimelb.edu.au | P: 03 83449897
Twitter: @4Dvirtualfarm