Biomes and food security

Foodprint Melbourne teaching resources and lesson plans to support delivery of the Year 9 geography unit 'Biomes and food security'.

The Foodprint Melbourne research team has worked with the Geography Teachers' Association of Victoria to develop a set of teaching resources to support the 'Biomes and food security' unit of the Year 9 geography curriculum. Development of these resources was funded by the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation.

AGTA Awards
Winner 2019 AGTA Awards

The materials cover most outcomes for the 'Biomes and food security' unit of both the Victorian and Australian curriculum. The resources include teacher instructions and student worksheets, maps, GIS files, data sets, infographics and videos.

The resources can be downloaded as a single pack (a zipped folder of 42MB), or as individual worksheets.

Download full set (42MB)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Permission has been granted for use of a number of images and maps from third parties solely for this publication. These are not covered by Creative Commons licensing and copyright is retained by original copyright holders.

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