Food Studies

Resources from the Foodprint Melbourne project can be used when teaching the VCE Food Studies subject.

The Foodprint Melbourne research project includes many topics covered in the VCE Food Studies subject. The project is particularly relevant to outcomes of Unit 4 - Food issues, challenges and futures.

The project investigates the challenge of feeding Australia's growing cities and the significance of city fringe food production to our food supply, exploring issues such as:

  • challenges of food security and food waste
  • options for feeding a growing population
  • the environmental footprint of the typical Australian diet
  • what it takes to feed Melbourne (water, land, GHG emissions and food waste)
  • the use and management of water and land for food production
  • risks to food production from climate change and urban sprawl
  • visions for a sustainable and resilient food system

A number of the Foodprint Melbourne publications can be used to explore these issues with students, and are available as a resource for students undertaking research.

A more complete resource pack has been developed for teaching Year 9 Geography students. Some of the extension activities, and a number of the resources such as videos and maps, could also be used by Food Studies teachers. These resources are launching in early 2018.

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