Developments in sustainable farming

Different approaches have been proposed to feed a growing population sustainably, including sustainable intensification, genetic modification and organic agriculture.

Debates about feeding the world

How to sustainably feed 10 billion people by 2050

An ‘at a glance’ overview from the World Resources Institute of some of the challenges and solutions to feeding a growing population

Smallholders and family farmers

An overview of the role of small scale farmers and family farmers in supplying the world’s food from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation

Telling porkies: The big fat lie about doubling food production

A report by the UK Soil Association questioning whether global food production needs to double

Approaches to food production

Sustainable intensification

An introduction to the concept of ‘sustainable intensification’ from Oxford University’s Food Climate Research Network

Organic agriculture

An overview of organic agriculture from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation


An introduction to agroecology, practised by many of the world’s smallholder farmers

GM foods in Australia

An overview of GM crops in Australia from SBS

GM organisms and crops

A paper in Nature Education on some of the potential benefits and controversies surrounding GM crops


Sustainable agriculture

A short video about sustainable agriculture from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation

Agroecological farming in Indonesia

A short video about agroecological farming in Indonesia from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation

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