Ethical food production and consumption

“Taking food ethics seriously, then, requires …that we try to take into account all the different values involved in our food choices, looking at all the consequences, weighing them up and trying to decide what is right, all things considered” - Food Ethics Council

What is food ethics?

An overview of some of the issues involved in food ethics from Professor Richard Norman of Kent University (member of the UK Food Ethics Council)

Where are we to turn if we want to be ethical food shoppers these days?

An opinion piece in the UK Guardian on the dilemmas of being an ethical food consumer

Fairtrade food classroom resources

Downloadable classroom resources about Fairtrade food from Oxfam UK

Sustainable seafood

An overview of the issues involved in ethical consumption of fish and seafood from the Marine Stewardship Council

Free range egg labelling scrambles the message for consumers

An article on the confusion surrounding free range egg labelling in Australia from researchers at the University of Melbourne

How 'free range' are your eggs?

An overview of free range egg brands in Australia from the consumer group Choice


What does the Marine Stewardship Council label mean?

An explainer about how the Marine Stewardship Council decides whether to certify fish products as ‘sustainable’

The difference that Fairtrade makes

A video from Fairtrade about the impact of the program on farmers

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