FAQs - Bachelor of Agriculture roll-out

In 2016, the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences will begin rolling-out a new structure for its Bachelor of Agriculture degree.

If you are already enrolled and studying full-time, there is no need to change your existing study plan. If you are studying part-time, or have not completed the entire second year study load (100 points) at the end of 2016, you may need to amend your study plan. Talk to your course coordinator, or your current major coordinator, for course planning advice.


  • Where can I find out more about the new subjects and new course?

    Look at the Handbook for details about the new structure and subjects offered.

  • What subjects should I re-enrol in?

    In the re-enrolment period, the most important thing is to make sure that you re-enrol. You can discuss changes to your study plan with the course coordinator after you re-enrol. If you need to enrol in a first year subject in 2016 or a second year subject in 2017, please refer to this table for equivalent subjects offered.

  • Would the new Bachelor of Agriculture course be seen as preferential to the old course for postgraduate studies or career opportunities?

    All University of Melbourne Bachelor of Agriculture students, regardless of program, are expected to be in high demand for employment upon graduation and have equal opportunity for postgraduate studies.

  • I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Agriculture course and interested in the new Agricultural Economics major. Can I swap to this new major?

    If you completed your entire first year load (100 points at first year level) by the end of 2015, you must stay in your existing major. If you are interested in agricultural economics however, you can choose economics electives in your second and third year of your current major, including AGRI20033 Agricultural and Resource Economics, AGRI30033 Farm Management Economics and AGRI30003 Agricultural Systems Analysis.Students completing their degree and interested in pursuing further studies in the economics area could consider the Master of Agribusiness.

  • If I take my degree part-time or take leave of absence, will my study plan remain the same or will it be changed to the new program?

    If you are a part-time student, you may need to amend your study plan to include one or more of the new first year subjects in 2016 or one of the new second year subjects in 2017. Talk to the course coordinator for course planning advice.

  • I am currently a second year Bachelor of Agriculture student. Can I substitute a subject in my current study plan for a new elective in my final year?

    Yes, but this will depend on your choice of major. We recommend you discuss your subject selection with your current major coordinator.

  • What happens if I fail a compulsory subject?

    If you have failed a subject a compulsory subject that is offered in subsequent semesters, you need to repeat that subject. If the compulsory subject you have failed is not offered again, you must meet with the course coordinator to plan your enrolment in an equivalent subject.

Changes to your study load

Your tuition fees may change. Check your Statement of Liability within the 'Student admin' tab of my.unimelb after changing subjects to check if your fees have changed.

Domestic students

Changes to your study load may affect eligibility for Centrelink benefits.

International students

Changes to your study load may have visa implications.

For further information please refer to http://services.unimelb.edu.au/international/enrolment-changes/studyload

or contact International student visa assistance http://services.unimelb.edu.au/international/contact

Scholarship recipients

Students currently receiving a scholarship and considering changes to their study load should check the terms and conditions that apply to their scholarship.


Course Coordinator: Ros Gall

Coordinators of Majors

Sustainable Production Major: Ros Gall

Production Animal Health Major: Jane Owens