Breadth Subjects at Dookie

Breadth subjects at Dookie allow you to deepen your knowledge and skills in areas of food production, water management and agricultural systems, through hands-on learning on the largest farm campus in the Southern hemisphere.

If you want to make a positive impact on these and other critical world issues, the Innovation, Change and Knowledge Transfer breadth subject at Dookie will also be invaluable to you.

Australia in the Wine World

Australia in the Wine World will introduce you to the Australian wine industry and its role in world wine production and trade. You will explore the size and location of the Australian wine industry with emphasis on new and emerging wine regions, and undertake wine tastings (sensory analysis).

First year | Intensive (Available February, June, July &; September) | Breadth track: Feeding the World's Population| Handbook Link:Australia in the Wine World| Further information:Timetable and residential requirements

Food and Water: Global Issues, Local Impacts

This subject analyses how water catchments are affected by issues including climate change, water availability and quality, waste and recycling, energy, biodiversity, salinity and land degradation, biotechnology, genetically modified organisms, and changing demographics. You will develop decision making strategies, and critically evaluate environmental, social and economic implications of practice change.

Third year | Intensive (September) | Breadth track:Feeding the World's Population| Handbook link:Food and Water: Global Issues, Local Impacts

Innovative Change and Knowledge Transfer

In Innovation Change and Knowledge Transfer, you will use agricultural systems case studies to access, organise and present data for knowledge creation and management in natural and agrifood systems. Explore how and why people take up knowledge and adoption impediments, and learn how to enable knowledge application for material, social and environmental wellbeing.

Third year | Intensive (June) | Handbook link: Innovative Change and Knowledge Transfer

Irrigation and Water Management

Irrigation and Water Management will introduce you to the scale and distribution of the major irrigation systems in south-eastern Australia. Learn how to evaluate plant water requirements in terms of water quality and supply frequency, and assess irrigation systems in terms of efficiency, economy, energy-use and environmental impact.

Third year | Intensive (July) | Handbook link: Irrigation and Water Management

Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainable Food Systems introduces food production systems and challenges you to create more sustainable approaches. Discover food production in Australia and how it is changing to meet the environment and society's needs. Explore associated impacts on regional communities' sustainability, trade and policy, resource economics in developing and developed countries, and global food movements.

Second year | Intensive (July) | Breadth track: Feeding the World's Population | Handbook link: Sustainable Food Systems

Vine to Wine

In Vine to Wine you will explore vineyard processes that result in fruit formation and ripening in the lead up to harvest, and develop an appreciation of seasonal and climatic effects. Harvest grapes by hand and follow their journey through fermentation to bottled wine, and understand chemical and biological processes and methods to manipulate outcomes.

Second year | Intensive (February) | Breadth track: Exploring Wine and Viticulture | Handbook link: Vine to Wine

Wines of the World

In Wines of the World you will investigate sensory and philosophical perceptions of wine quality, and educate your palate to characteristics of the world's major grape varieties and wine styles. Trace the modern wine industry's culture and history through the evolution of premium wine grape varieties and international wine, and understand climate change impacts on terroir.

Third year | Intensive (February & July) |Breadth track: Exploring Wine and Viticulture | Handbook link: Wines of the World

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