Orientation 2020: Make the most of Melbourne


Congratulations on receiving your offer to study in the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences (FVAS) at the University of Melbourne! We are really happy that you chose to study with us and look forward to welcoming you in February 2020. We know that you have lots of questions about your studies and we want to ensure that you have a smooth transition to university life here at FVAS.

Agriculture Discovery Week

If you are commencing the Bachelor of Agriculture, find out more about Agriculture Discovery Week at our Dookie campus.

Subject Selection

Thinking about what subjects you are going to study in your first year? Some courses like the Bachelor of Agriculture and the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine have a set first year. You still need to enrol, but you don't need to make any changes to your subject selection. Students entering into FVAS graduate coursework programs need to review available subjects and decide what to enrol in for 2020.

You can review course structures and available subjects in the 2020 Handbook.


Enrolling in subjects can be done online before the orientation period. We encourage you to enrol early so that you will be ready to complete your class registration as soon as possible.

Information on class registration timelines can be found here.

FVAS Course Class Registrations Close
Bachelor of Agriculture 20 July 2020
Graduate Agriculture and Food courses (Coursework) 20 July 2020
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Not applicable, set timetable

We know the University terminology can sometimes be confusing, so to clarify:

Enrolment = Updating your personal details (address, phone, etc) and selecting 'enrol' next to those subjects you wish to study for 2020.
Class Registration = Selecting your desired time slot for lectures and tutorials belonging to the subject you have enrolled in.

To commence the enrolment process, visit the University's enrolment website.

Student Cards

Want to organise your student card? Once you have completed your enrolment, follow the instructions on the ask.unimelb website.

Orientation Sessions

To help you get settled and meet your new classmates, we organise a number of orientation sessions.

Sessions run by FVAS are organised according to which course you are studying. Details for all FVAS orientation activities can be found on the Orientation website. Many events require registration - this is important so we can cater for you.

There are also general sessions run by the University - for example Melbourne Careers Centre, Academic Skills Unit, Study Overseas, and International Student Services. You can create your own orientation itinerary by registering on the Orientation website or through the StudentLife App.

Moving to Melbourne

Many of you will be moving to Melbourne for the first time next year and for some of you it may be the first time you are living away from home! There are a lot of housing options and the University has a housing website that will help you navigate your way around Melbourne. One of the most useful pages is the suburb guide, which provides information on the inner-city suburbs.

Important things to remember:

  • If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is! Be careful not to sign-up for accommodation or hand money over until you have seen the room/house and are happy with it. This mainly applies to renting privately, but even when applying for student housing, make sure you know what facilities are available and where you will be located.
  • Know how you are going to get to university. This means checking how far away you are from university, knowing which trains, trams or buses service your area, how frequently they run and how long the journey takes. You can use Public Transport Victoria's Journey Planner to plan your route.

International Students

You are going to be moving further than anyone to get to Melbourne and may feel a bit lost when you arrive. This is normal. Thousands of international students move to Melbourne every year and it takes some time to understand the city and the culture. It's really important that you read the University's International Student Checklist. It contains everything you need to know about studying and living in Australia.

International students entering into the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM): your fellow students from the Veterinary Students' Society of Victoria (VSSV) have prepared some information for you and it is quite specific to the DVM. You can read their tips and hints on the DVM International Student Guide.

Connect with other students

One of the most important aspects of commencing your studies is to get involved and connect with other students in your course. There are several student clubs and societies that you can join. Some are cohort based, such as the FVAS student societies, and others are simply like-minded individuals that get together to pursue common interests.

FVAS Clubs and Societies

UMSU Clubs

Graduate Student Groups