Candidature Management

How to make changes to your enrolment or supervision

If you need to make a change to your candidature, such as adding or removing a supervisor, changing from full-time to part-time or taking leave of absence, you need to apply for this change, or 'candidature variation' through my.unimelb (the student portal). Applications for changes are made through 'student forms' submitted online. These forms can be found under the 'Student Admin' tab in the student portal.

You can also check the status of your application at my.unimelb. The request will go through the approval process and you will be notified by email once the change is made to your student record.

Taking leave

Graduate research students are entitled to four weeks of recreation leave each year. This leave does not carry forward from year to year and does not 'stop the clock' with respect to your milestones or your expected completion date. The only approval you need is from your supervisor; you do not apply for recreation leave through my.unimelb.

Leave of absence may be granted for sickness, family or carer responsibilities or other reasons which prevent you from carrying out research. This type of leave must be applied for through my.unimelb before the leave is taken. Backdated leave can only be approved under exceptional circumstances or for compassionate reasons. Students who are on leave of absence are not expected to continue working on their thesis and are not covered by the University's insurance policy.

Students who are pregnant are eligible for maternity leave for a period up to 12 months. Maternity leave is a separate entitlement to other requests for leave of absence and may be a paid period of leave, depending on scholarship conditions.

International students who are here on a student visa may only be granted leave of absence for compassionate or compelling circumstances (e.g. serious illness or injury, pregnancy and childbirth, as evidenced by appropriate supporting documents). The Student Services International Students team can provide more information on leave of absence and how it affects student visas.

Change in study rate between part-time and full-time

If you wish to change your study rate from part-time to full-time or vice-versa, you should apply online at my.unimelb. Your supervisor must be satisfied that you have adequate time available to carry on the research and make good progress. With a change to full-time study rate, you should state your ability to complete the degree in the required time, noting employment and other commitments.

If you hold a scholarship, you should check the conditions of your scholarship to determine eligibility and options if you convert to part-time candidature. Part-time students are not normally eligible to hold faculty- or centrally-funded scholarships and any scholarships that they do hold will be taxed.

International candidates should be aware that student visas are for full-time study only.

Change of Supervisor

If you need to add or remove a supervisor or member of your advisory committee, you should do so by applying for a change of supervisor at my.unimelb. Once the change is approved by your principal supervisor and the Director - Research Training, your student record will be updated and you will receive confirmation of the change by email.