Information on Study Away and Travel Insurance

Study Away and Travel Insurance

During your candidature, you may need to go elsewhere to collect data, conduct field research, or attend a conference. These absences are classified as 'study away'and will not delay any upcoming milestones or your expected completion date. It is important to have these trips recorded on your student record by completing the application to study away found at my.unimelb.

Study Away

You must lodge an application for all international travel of any duration, and travel within Australia for longer than one month. Please apply at least two weeks before you intend to travel.

Please visit the Graduate Research Hub for detailed information on what to consider while making plans to travel and step-by-step instructions on how to apply for approval.


You are covered by the University's insurance policy while you are on campus but this coverage does not automatically extend to other sites. While travelling to attend a conference, carry out fieldwork, or conduct other activities that are classified as university business, you have access to free travel insurance through the University, but you must apply for this insurance and it must be approved before you travel. While you are away on personal business, leave, or holidays, you are responsible for arranging your own travel insurance.

You can apply for the University's travel insurance through the University’s student insurance page.

Please nominate"RHD/Research" as the reason for your travel to ensure your application goes to the faculty's Research Training Coordinator for approval. Otherwise, your travel insurance may not be approved.

The issue of insurance can be quite complex so you should consult directly with the Insurance Office if you have any questions.