Induction and Orientation

Information about induction, orientation and environmental health and safety for Research Higher Degree students.

Induction Kit

After enrolment in the Faculty, you will receive an induction email with important information about the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, degree requirements, resources available, and what's expected of you as a research higher degree student. Please refer to the induction email and the attachments to it, the Graduate Research Hub website, and this Graduate Research Student guide throughout your candidature. You should always feel free to approach your supervisors or the Research Office if you have any questions.

Transition and Orientation

Each year, the faculty hosts an orientation seminar for new students. It is important that you attend this seminar, even if it is scheduled a few months after you commence your candidature. Besides giving you an opportunity to meet other graduate students from all campuses, the seminar will provide you with information on other research undertaken within the faculty, the roles of some key staff members, student groups and library services.

The University's central Academic Services Graduate Research team also offers induction and orientation programs before the beginning of each semester in addition to a series of seminars and courses held throughout the semester. Please visit the Graduate Research Hub website for details on upcoming programs.

Environment, Health and Safety

The Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences adopts the University's Environmental Health and Safety Policy as detailed in the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Manual. All students are to comply with the EHS Manual in accordance with paragraph 2.4.3 of that manual. The manual is available on the web and is updated regularly:

Students are responsible for adopting safe work and study practices. You:

  • must report all hazards, incidents and injuries to your supervisor or other appropriate staff member as soon as possible. Major incidents should also be reported immediately to the Faculty Executive Director and an Incident Report Form must be completed;
  • must not willfully place at risk the health or safety of any other person at the University or on field trips;
  • must not willfully or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety or welfare and must cooperate with the University in relation to actions taken to comply with occupational health and safety legislation;
  • are required to comply with all University and departmental policies and procedures which relate to environment, health and safety;
  • may be required to provide some items of personal protective equipment in order to use certain facilities.

Please note that all University of Melbourne campuses are smoke-free.