FVAS Student Award for Diversity and Inclusion Excellence 2022

This award has been established to recognise overall equity, diversity and inclusion demonstrated by students in the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences.


Up to $2000

Selection criteria

Award recipients are acknowledged for their outstanding achievements across the various dimensions of diversity and inclusion excellence:

  • Approaches to promote a positive workplace and learning culture that embraces diversity and inclusion
  • Development of resources to increase awareness of diversity across our partnerships, collaborations and student placements
  • Approaches to promote trust, respect and support for the development of colleagues and/or students;
  • Scholarly activities that have influenced and enhanced our understanding of diversity and inclusion in the faculty
  • Demonstrated impact and outcomes for the faculty and students

Eligibility and nomination

All University of Melbourne students in the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, whether full-time or part-time are eligible for nomination. Nominees should have been studying within FVAS for at least two years. Nominations may be submitted for individuals or a group of students.

Nominations may be made by any student or staff of the faculty. A letter of support from the ‘nominator’ is included as a reference in the application process (see below).

Selection Process

The Selection Committee for the FVAS Student Award for Diversity and Inclusion Excellence 2022 will be the Faculty’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The Selection Committee meets soon after the closing date for submissions, and all nominees are contacted individually and notified of the outcome.

All selection criteria will be given equal consideration by Selection Committee. In assessing nominations, the Selection Committee will take into account:

  • Evidence of claims against any of the Selection Criteria
  • The extent of demonstrated creativity, imagination or innovation, irrespective of whether the approach involves traditional or technology-based engagements;
  • Information contained in the application and reference letter

Application documentation

Nominees prepare a written application, consisting of the following:

  • An application cover sheet, completed by the nominee and signed by the nominee and nominator (download here).
  • A written statement prepared by the nominee is a core component of the application. The written statement must be maximum two A4 pages in length.
  • One reference from the nominator (200-400 words) addressing the selection criteria and reason for nomination.
  • Selection is based primarily on the written statement addressing the selection criteria, with consideration given to the references. However, nominees may also include exemplary sample of any material supporting their claims against the selection criteria.
  • The relevance of any such material must be made clear in the written statement. These examples must be readily accessible, and may be in the form of: a website (URL); media files in accessible format (e.g. .MP3; .MOV); or the equivalent of up to ten pages of material (in PDF format)

Submission of the application

Application documentation must be sent directly to the Academic Support Office.

Complete applications should be submitted electronically, as either a single PDF (ideally) or as individual, named files for the various portfolio components. Applicants should print documents (such as references and the signed application form) and scan and save as a PDF.

Any documents not available in electronic format may be submitted in print form, and must include a copy of the application form for the purpose of identification and processing.

Applications are to be submitted no later than 19th April 2022 to the Academic Support Office. All applications received will be acknowledged via email. All submissions are confidential.

All enquiries, whether from potential nominators, nominees and/or referees, please contact Antony Walker.