Breadth studies at the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences allow students from a variety of backgrounds to pursue their interests and develop new skills alongside their undergraduate degree.

Insects Shaping Society

Are you intrigued by insects and want to know more about their important role in food production, disease, religion, language, and culture around the world? This Semester 2, consider breadth subject Insects Shaping Society (UNIB10018).

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Hands holding rice grain

Food for a Healthy Planet

Engaging experts from across multiple disciplines, Food for a Healthy Planet subjects explore the global mega trends that are impacting on human health and planetary health and teaches about the impacts food choices might have on their health and on the environment. Food For a Healthy Planet II (UNIB20014) is available for study in Semester 2, 2020.

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Green tree frog on leaf

Our Planet, Our Health

Be introduced to the core concepts of One Health in its broadest sense, as a concept that describes the interconnected  health of humans, animals and the environment. Perfect for anyone interested in human and animal health, ecology or biodiversity.

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Subject Options

Our subject options span agriculture, food and wine to animal science, insects and climate change with some suitable for beginners and others needing a level of experience. Study with us for a semester or enrol in a specialist area for the duration of your course to expand your personal and professional skills.

Breadth Tracks

If you want to use your breadth to focus on a particular study area, a breadth track can help you choose coherent sequences of subjects which will progressively develop your knowledge and skills. The Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences delivers the following tracks.