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What is Breadth?

Breadth is one of the most exciting aspects of the University's undergraduate degrees. Breadth subjects allow you to gain knowledge and understanding across a broader range of disciplines, enabling you to develop insight, experience, and new ways of thinking in areas distinct from the main fields of study in your degree.

New Breadth Subject: Our Planet, Our Health

Breadth Subjects

You can study a single breadth subject from a wide range of disciplines distinct from your main field of study in your Bachelor (first) degree. Or you can choose a 'Breadth Track' and follow a specialist stream for the duration of your degree.

Breadth Tracks

The University has developed clear breadth sequences, or 'tracks', that will help you identify coherent groups of breadth subjects and allow you to extract the maximum benefit from your breadth component.

What is a breadth track?

A breadth track is a set of three subjects that progressively develops knowledge and skills relevant to some domain, theme, topic or issue. The University has developed a comprehensive range of approved breadth tracks for each course and the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences delivers the following tracks: