Beer: Theory and Craft

Craft beers are gaining popularity in Australia, growing from only a handful of breweries 15 years ago to more than 200 across Australia catering to all styles and tastes.

If you have a general interest in home or hobby beer brewing, or you are considering a career in the industry, our ‘Beer: Theory & Craft’ breadth subjects may be for you.

Breadth subjects allow you to pursue an area of interest with the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, while gaining credit towards your Bachelors degree.

In our Beer: Theory & Craft subjects you will:

  • Gain a solid foundation in brewing techniques and the brewing industry, covering core aspects of the science, production and marketing.
  • Develop key knowledge about the sensory characteristics of brewery products.
  • Earn your Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) certificate, which is required for employment selling or serving alcohol.
  • Gain valuable skills and knowledge for a progression into industry recognised qualifications or postgraduate courses.

Semester 1 - Parkville campus

An Introduction to Beer Styles and Sensory Analysis 

Learn about the international history of beer and the processes of brewing. Develop an understanding of sensory panels and styles, and then learn about what distinguishes the taste, aroma and texture of different beer styles. Gain your Responsible Service of Alcohol licence at the same time.

Note: Participants must be aged 18 years or over.

Also available as a single subject for any community member, via the Community Access Program.

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Semester 2 Intensive (November)- Dookie and Parkville campuses

Principles of Brewing

You will make beer and learn about the processes of mashing, hopped wort production and fermentation at the University of Melbourne’s Dookie campus, our working farm and science hub. Once the beer has matured you will learn about the packaging process and the end product will be used for practical sensory assessment tasks. Some classes and assessments will be delivered at the Parkville campus.

Note: Students must have completed the Introduction to Beer Styles and Sensory Analysis to be able to enrol in this subject.

Also available as a single subject for any community member, via the Community Access Program.

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