Accepting Your Award

Congratulations on your prize or being offered your scholarship/bursary/grant.

To accept your award:

Please note: that you must accept your award within 10 days of receiving notification.

  1. Open the award acceptance form
  2. Carefully review the provisions of your award by reading the Terms and Conditions
  3. Complete the Expression of thanks to Donor/committee (unless otherwise directed)
  4. Select Accept to verify you understand the terms and conditions associated with your award


Payment of scholarships is done electronically through Melbourne Scholarships

Once you have accepted your award you will need to submit your bank details.

One off and half-yearly allowances

Payment of one off and half-yearly allowances are usually made no earlier than the second fortnightly pay day after the main Semester 1 and Semester 2 census dates.

Please note some scholarships fall outside of the main scholarship rounds and as such payments may not follow the aforementioned schedule.

  • Some scholarships may require you to maintain a full time enrolment
  • Full-time enrolment constitutes at least 37.5 points in one half-year period

Please note: if you believe you have missed a payment, please contact

Click here to view payment dates for Half-yearly, Quarterly and Fortnightly Pay Dates.

For further information:

Terms and Conditions

  • All award recipients are expected to attend an awards ceremony. This ceremony is tentatively planned for early May in 2022*. Failure to attend without extenuating circumstances may result in the cancellation of your award and you may be required to refund any payments made to you
  • All award recipients are required to maintain an academic status of good standing in their course. If your status changes to 'at risk', your award payment will be reviewed and might be stopped. You may be required to provide the FVAS scholarship committee with details of what has occurred in your studies causing you to fail.
  • All award recipients are required to submit an annual scholarship/bursary report to the scholarship committee. This will need to be completed and submitted by the 31st December (See details below)

Some awards may have other terms and conditions, please see individual award pages for details.


Annual Scholarship/Bursary reports

Annual Scholarship/Bursary Reports are traditionally handed to the donor to highlight the impact that their philanthropy has had on the student’s education. They are a vital tool to maintaining donor relationships and are eagerly anticipated by the donor to hear how their gift is making an impact.  The reports also assist us in our marketing of our scholarships program to future students.

The report should also include how the award has benefited you in your education, and with your goals and future career.

Below is a guide for what an effective report could include details on:

  • A little about yourself and your background
  • What receiving the scholarship meant to you?
  • What has your award allowed you to do?
  • What did you find most challenging or interesting in the previous year?

All reports should be submitted using the online Scholarship report template

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us

How do I find the scholarships I am eligible for?

You can find an overview of all scholarship opportunities across the University of Melbourne at the University of Melbourne Scholarships site.

Faculty-based scholarships are advertised on the page.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Some scholarships do not require an application – all eligible students in a particular course or courses will be automatically considered. Others are application-based, and you will only be considered if you have submitted an application. Application-based scholarships generally start with an online application, but the application can vary from  scholarship to scholarship.

Full details on meeting selection criteria and how to apply can be found at:

How are recipients selected for faculty-based scholarships?

The process varies from scholarship to scholarship and depends on a number of factors. Details can be found on individual award page.

When will I find out if I have received a scholarship?

Outcomes are generally available within 6 weeks of the closing date. However outcomes can often be available much sooner.

Can I accept my scholarship if I am already holding another scholarship?

The FVAS Scholarships Committee is committed to assisting as many students as possible. When determining  recipients of awards, the support already received, in the form of other student awards, by all eligible applicants will be taken into account This is to ensure that financial assistance is provided in a fair and equitable manner to students in need.

We do not prohibit current and previous recipients from reapplying.

Can I defer my scholarship?

Unfortunately, scholarships generally cannot be deferred.

What happens if I transfer to another course?

Your scholarship entitlements will continue only as long as you are enrolled in the course that relates to your award. If you transfer to another course within the University of Melbourne that isn't related to your award, your scholarship will be immediately terminated.

For example if you are an Agriculture student and then transfer to a Commerce degree, you would no longer meet the terms of the scholarship.

What happens if I am unable to meet the academic progress requirements of my scholarship?

The Faculty regularly monitors your academic progress to ensure that you continue to be eligible for the scholarship. If you do not meet the academic progress requirements, the Faculty may take a range of actions. The Faculty may decide to:

  • continue your scholarship entitlement, but under a warning;
  • suspend your scholarship entitlement until you can show satisfactory academic progress;
  • in extreme cases, it may terminate your scholarship

Your scholarship may be terminated on several grounds:

  • You are not making satisfactory academic progress;
  • You have not complied with the conditions of your scholarship;
  • You have failed to improve your results following a suspension of your scholarship

The Faculty takes into account your personal circumstances in assessing your continued eligibility for a scholarship. If you have not met the academic progress requirements for the scholarships, you will be given the opportunity to make a written submission to the Faculty setting out any personal circumstances which have affected your studies.