Accepting Your Award

Congratulations on your prize or being offered your scholarship/bursary/grant.

To accept your award:

Please note: that you must accept your award within 10 days of receiving notification.

  1. Open the award acceptance form
  2. Carefully review the provisions of your award by reading the Terms and Conditions
  3. Complete the Expression of thanks to Donor/committee (unless otherwise directed)
  4. Select Accept to verify you understand the terms and conditions associated with your award


Payment of scholarships is done electronically through Melbourne Scholarships

Recipients are advised payments generally take up 21 days for payments to be processed. Payments are submitted after the census dates in the relevant semester and then completed in the next fortnightly pay cycle.

Once you have accepted your award you will need to submit your bank details.

Please note some scholarships fall outside of the main scholarship rounds and as such payments may not follow the aforementioned schedule.

Annual Payments are usually paid in two instalments after the Semester 1 and Semester 2 census dates

  • Amounts are payable as a pro-rata if enrolment is less than full time
  • Full-time enrolment constitutes at least 37.5 points in one half-year period
  • Please note some scholarships may require you to maintain a full time enrolment

For further information:

Terms and Conditions

  • All award recipients are expected to attend an awards ceremony. This ceremony usually takes place in Semester 1 around May. Failure to attend without extenuating circumstances may result in the cancellation of your award and you may be required to refund any payments made to you ( please note details for 20189 are in progress and you will be notified in due course)
  • All award recipients are required to maintain an academic status of good standing in their course. If your status changes to 'at risk', your award payment will be reviewed and might be stopped. You may be required to provide the FVAS scholarship committee with details of what has occurred in your studies causing you to fail. Some scholarships have a score that must be maintained in order for continued payment (check individual scholarship pages)
  • All award recipients are required to submit an annual scholarship/bursary report to the scholarship committee. This will need to be completed and submitted after the release of Semester 2 results and prior to the 31st December (See details below).

Some awards may have other terms and conditions, please see individual award pages for details.

Annual Scholarship/Bursary reports

Annual Scholarship/Bursary Reports are traditionally handed to the donor to highlight the impact that their philanthropy has had on the student’s education. They are a vital tool to maintaining donor relationships and are eagerly anticipated by the donor to hear how their gift is making an impact.  The reports also assist us in our marketing of our scholarships program to future students.

The report should also include how the award has benefitted you in your education, and with your goals and future career.

Below is a guide for what an effective report could include details on:

  • A little about yourself and your background
  • What receiving the scholarship meant to you?
  • What has your award allowed you to do?
  • What did you find most challenging or interesting in the previous year?

All reports should be submitted using the online Scholarship report template