Kate Gordon Addison Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Prize


Final year extramural placements provide students with the opportunity to put every aspect of their learning into practice by working with vets, clients and patients outside the University. The students must combine all facets of veterinary professional life, including their scientific knowledge, application of biosecurity protocols, animal welfare considerations, clinical skills and professional conduct.  The Kate Gordon-Addison Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Prize is awarded to a student who has achieved a consistently high standard across multiple clinical disciplines in the final year of the course.

Prize value


*The prize is to be split in event of a tie.


To be eligible for this prize:

  • Successful completion of the fourth year of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in the year of award;
  • Not have been awarded any other DVM 4 prize in the year of the award.

How to apply

No application required.