Support our Dookie Fund and help the new generation of students become highly skilled agricultural specialists

The Dookie Fund

Australia is awakening to the pivotal role of farming, food production and technological innovation in meeting the global challenge of food security. From soil science to grain, horticulture and animal production, we are witnessing a global resurgence in agricultural study and research. The University of Melbourne is at the forefront of education, research and innovation in agriculture and food production and is leading the way in Australia.

The Dookie campus is a fantastic asset, providing modern teaching facilities and direct experience of the environment, irrigation, soils, crops, horticulture, livestock and wine making for the last 133 years. Students at Dookie are surrounded by industry and research experts – agricultural communities, farmers, government officials, food researchers and private agri-businesses and they graduate work-ready.

A Bright Future

Second year Bachelor of Agriculture students are all offered the chance to spend a semester at Dookie. For many, financial constraints prevent them from accessing this opportunity. Relocating to Dookie for even one semester often means the loss of part-time work as well as additional accommodation costs. The opportunity cost can be $4000 or more.

The experience at Dookie provides great value to students seeking a career in agriculture. To ensure that no student foregoes this lack of financial capacity we have established the Dookie Scholarship Fund. The University supports the Dookie Fund and asks you to consider supporting it too.

Last December, over 80 students graduated from our new Bachelor of Agriculture in 2016. Thanks to the generosity of our alumni who supported them through scholarships, many of these students spent a semester living and studying at Dookie.

Because of the support of people like you, the Dookie semester cohort has grown over the last few years. This year more than sixty agricultural students are planning to spend a semester studying at Dookie.

Our aspiration is that all agricultural students wanting to study at Dookie are able to do so and that this fantastic opportunity should not be lost through financial need. We are committed to increasing the number of residential scholarships offered to students, but we need your help. By supporting the Dookie Scholarship Fund, you will help students overcome the financial burden of undertaking the unique and life-lasting opportunity that study at Dookie provides.

Your support can continue to grow the Dookie Scholarship Fund and ensure that more students benefit from the generosity of those that preceded them, those that understand the benefits of studying in the field. Please donate today to enable more students to have a Dookie experience.

With your help we can ensure that the practical experience that Dookie’s ‘living laboratory’ offers to our students, is available to all, preparing practical and industry based agricultural students for every possible future.

Join us in training the next generation of farm and food leaders.

Your donation can make a real difference in helping students to succeed. 100% of your contribution will go directly to ensure that the experience offered at Dookie remains accessible to all bright minds seeking a career in agriculture.