Dookie Fund


Support our Dookie Fund and help students become highly skilled agricultural specialists


In 1886, our campus in Dookie, Victoria opened its doors as an agricultural college and experimental farm. Since then, training has been provided to thousands of students studying agriculture, and our facilities are utilised by researchers who work on solving the global challenges of climate change and food security.

We are proud to have contributed to the richness of the Goulburn Valley and enhanced Australia’s reputation as an agricultural leader, but we also know that we are capable of much more.


We aspire to be at the forefront of research and innovation in agricultural practice and food production – not just in Australia, but across the world.

That’s why the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences has made a commitment to reinvigorate the Dookie campus and increase the number of residential scholarships.

Our vision is a campus that will nurture the next generation of farm and food entrepreneurs - a place where researchers and students engage directly with agricultural communities, industry stakeholders, government, farmers and private companies to co-develop solutions. With your help we can make this possible.


The University of Melbourne believes that all students deserve a practical education that helps them reach their full potential and prepares them for a successful career. For this reason we provide our Bachelor of Agriculture students with the opportunity to spend a semester at our Dookie campus.

However, the costs associated with living away from home can be difficult for some of our students to manage, and can serve as a deterrent for them undertaking this opportunity.

By supporting the Dookie Scholarship Fund you will help to cover accommodation and living costs for these students, while they focus on practical learning in a hands-on environment at our Dookie campus.


Over the next five years, with your help, Dookie will be completely transformed. Our farm and research infrastructure will be upgraded, with investment in state-of-the-art laboratories, animal accommodation and glasshouses.

By donating to the Dookie Accommodation Fund you can help modernise the ageing dormitory-style residences and create an environment where students and staff excel.

We need your support to ensure that our Dookie campus remains accessible to all bright minds seeking a career in agriculture.